Doing good with a soap

Seifenformen für das soziale Projekt reBubble

What actually happens to the used hotel soaps when the guests leave? Very often these end up in the garbage. So many tons of waste are generated every year, even though these soaps could still be used.This is exactly where the project: reBubble – the social soap of the student initiative Enactus Aachen e.V. comes in and gives used soaps a new life.

The aim of the project is to draw attention to two major social problems. On the one hand, the low awareness and lack of appreciation for the work of people with disabilities. On the other hand, the high amount of waste generated in hotels, especially by individually packaged bars of soap that are usually disposed of after a single use.

The reBubble team consists of volunteer students from all disciplines who get involved alongside their studies. The concept of reBubble is as simple as it is innovative: Partner hotels collect the used soaps and send them directly to the Lebenshilfe Aachen workshops. There, the soap scraps are processed into new soaps in silicone moulds. All work steps are specially adapted to the people with disabilities so that they can carry out the entire recycling process independently. The profit generated by the sale of the soaps flows back into Lebenshilfe and to the employees.

reBubble & Meine Formen – together for more sustainable soaps

To support this unique project, we developed new silicone soap moulds for reBubble. These were then handed over as a donation to the project promoter. The moulds were specially adapted to the needs of the project.

We thank reBubble for the great cooperation and wish the entire team as well as all participants much success on the further way to more sustainable soaps.

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