Custom made praline moulds with your logo

The praline or chocolate candy is considered the crowning glory of the art of chocolate. In addition to unusual taste compositions, the shape of the praline is also important. There are many different flavours, shapes and designs. With our praline moulds you can create your very own individual pralines. We develop and manufacture your chocolate moulds according to your ideas. Our praline and moulds for chocolate candies consist of either PET-G plastic, which is specially approved for the preparation of food, or flexible silicone, which is also food-safe. Regardless of which material you prefer to work with, the finished chocolate can be easily removed from the mould with both types of mould. If you are looking for a flexible praline mould for logos and motifs we recommend our chocopro-system or our structure sheets for chocolates.

You determine not only the shape of your new chocolates, but also whether they have a motif or a logo. Our reference examples will give you some inspiration. There are hardly any limits to your fantasy and this is already possible from an edition of one form. We will be happy to advise you. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.


We create praline moulds according to your wishes

We create praline moulds according to your wishes

Packaging for chocolates

To round off our offer, you will receive not only the customized chocolate moulds but also the matching packaging for your new chocolates. Here, we also coordinate the appearance and design according to your wishes. This also applies to our chocolate moulds, which we also started according to your wishes. So you always have a suitable gift for your customers for every occasion and taste.

Our praline moulds are also ideal for the production of ice cubes. Especially during the summer months, when less chocolate is eaten, you have the right ice cube moulds at hand. These ice cube moulds turn chilled drinks into a very special drink in no time at all. You have ideas for your own chocolate moulds?

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