Packaging solutions for chocolate

The functions of packaging can be roughly divided into the following three areas: Primary, secondary and tertiary functions.

While the primary functions relate to the protection, transport and storage of the packaged goods, the secondary functions are mainly concerned with communication rather than design and advertising. In the tertiary functions of a packaging can be classified the material used and thus the reusability or recycling.

Chocolate & packaging: an inseparable pair

As a chocolate producer, you know that the chocolate manufacturing process is complex and requires special care. For this reason, the packaging must optimally protect the chocolate from environmental influences such as light, pests and moisture, among others. In addition, the packaging material should also take responsibility in terms of the environment.

Good packaging increases sales

We all know the situation as consumers from the supermarket. As a customer, we usually have a large selection of different chocolate products. However, since we do not always know the taste and quality of the individual products before we buy them, we either fall back on our empirical values or make this decision on the basis of the packaging. The appearance and quality of the packaging therefore influences the appeal of a product and is therefore an important guide for the purchase. There are various studies that prove that packaging in particular plays a significant role in the purchase decision of a product.

Especially when it comes to the development of an individual shape, various questions arise with regard to the packaging: Which materials should be used to package the individual chocolates or the chocolates? What does this packaging look like and what are its dimensions? Which edition is desired?

As a mold manufacturer, we are familiar with this problem and are at your side with our expertise and our partner network. Thus, together with you, we are able to develop new packaging solutions for chocolates, pralines or even soaps.

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