Structure sheets for pralines and chocolates

Chocolate products and especially pralines must not only taste excellent, but also look good. It is not for nothing that people in germany say that the eye eats too. For this purpose, many retailers offer a wide variety of structure sheets for pralines, cake toppers and chocolate decoration products. Although these fulfil their purpose, they do not offer any room for real customisation.

We would like to change this and therefore we can provide you with structure sheets with your design and your ideas. It does not matter whether it is your own logo or another motif. The best thing about it is that we can produce your custom structure sheet for you starting with just one sheet.

Structure sheets for pralines and chocolate with your logo or motif
Structure sheets for pralines and chocolate with your logo or motif

The alternative to transfer sheets

For the production of individual pralines and chocolates, so-called transfer sheets or decorative sheets are often used in the patisserie to transfer logos and motifs onto the chocolate. In the first step, these sheets are printed with one or more food colours and then placed on the still warm chocolate coating. As soon as the chocolate has solidified, the transfer sheet is removed and the desired motif or logo remains. Although the process allows for the colourful display of your own designs, it has two main disadvantages. On the one hand, people with allergies to food colours cannot enjoy the produced chocolates without risk. Secondly, transfer films can only be used once and must be disposed of afterwards. These two disadvantages are eliminated with our structure sheets.

To create your own chocolates with an unusual structure

With our custom made structure sheets you can give your pralines and chocolate a unique appearance. Whether pralines with logo or motifs for chocolate: there are hardly any limits to your creativity.

To order your own structure sheets, we need your motif in the size 30 x 40 cm as a high-resolution graphic (min. 300 dpi) or even better as a vector file in the form of a PDF or EPS. We recommend to use the complete layout area. Repeat your logo or motif several times, whether regular or wild is up to you. After receiving your print file, we produce and deliver your desired sheets in only a few days. Before that we will clarify with you whether you want your motif to be raised or recessed. Both variants are realizable for us.

Our tip: In order for your motif to be displayed ideally, we recommend a minimum font size of approx. 3-4 mm (8-10 point) and a minimum line width of 0.3 mm.

As soon as you hold your new structure sheets in your hands, you can start pouring your chocolate products. Spread the chocolate coating over the structure sheet. Alternatively, you can also cut the sheets into matching pieces and place them on your pralines or chocolates. After the couverture has cooled down, you can remove them s from your chocolate products, leaving behind a unique structure.

Our structure sheets can be used again and again. Please note that the sheets are not dishwasher safe. You can clean them with a cloth or sponge in water with a maximum temperature of 45°C. Many of our customers do not clean their sheets after each use in order to preserve the fat film of the chocolate.

You have further questions or would like to order? Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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