Chocolate moulds for geochocolate

It’s just after four in the morning. The road was difficult, but you made it. You have reached the goal of your enterprise. The silhouette of the surrounding mountains can be seen in a shadowy way. There is absolute silence. A cool, gentle wind blows through your hair. You breathe calmly and get ready for this one intense moment you have been waiting for for a long time.

The mountain

The Mountain “Zugspitze” as a praline

Then, after seconds that feel like hours, the time has finally come: a new day is dawning and the sun is rising. Very slowly it rises majestically and colours the first peaks of the surrounding mountain range into a radiant gold. The light floods the valley, hikes over the small mountain lake further up to you. You feel the first warming rays on your skin and a feeling of happiness flows through you. You feel more connected to this mountain and the region than ever before.

Does this situation look familiar to you? We all have it: places, regions and countries with which we connect very special moments in our lives. Our goal was to develop a chocolate mould that could capture and transport these feelings. In collaboration with your passion and devotion to the “sweet” gold, chocolate, something completely new is created. We call this result “geochocolate”. For these, we create unique chocolate moulds for you and your customers as an image of the real world.  Whether a region, mountains, islands or a whole country. With our chocolate moulds for geochocolate you can literally put the world at the feet of your customers.

Chocolate moulds for geochocolate

Chocolate moulds for geochocolate. The picture shows an image of the lake constance region in southern Germany.

We combine state-of-the-art technology with traditional craftsmanship to create your desired shape. As you have come to expect from us, we are also able to produce additional texts, logos and motifs for the moulds for geochocolate. We will be happy to advise you and look forward to your ideas for geochocolate moulds.

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