Chocolate moulds with your logo or motif

Already 600 years after Christ the Mayas cultivated the first cocoa beans on the Mexican Gulf coast. In the early days, they were processed into a drink for selected people such as kings and priests. Today, chocolate is much more than just a food. It is a passion full of pleasure and you know this best as a producer and processor of chocolate. Standardised chocolate moulds are often used.

Looking for new ideas for chocolate molds?

The implementation of new ideas and creations has so far proved to be very complicated. For the production of new chocolate moulds, existing objects are therefore often used. A conversion of individual writings, logos or motifs is mostly only possible by hand and very complex. Of course, there are manufacturers who produce special moulds for chocolate bars according to customer wishes, e.g. as giveaways oder logo-chocolate. However, this usually requires the purchase of large quantities. This leads to higher production costs. For the production of smaller quantities, however, this is uneconomical.

We realise your chocolate mould at a reasonable price and already from a production run of one piece.

Your advantages summarized

  • Unique chocolate designs with completely new possibilities for making chocolate yourself
  • Chocolate Moulds for geochocolate
  • Own ideas, logos, motifs and designs can be implemented
  • Impressions of existing objects
  • Tailored to your needs (weight, dimensions, number of ribs, size and shape)
  • Cost-effective
  • Ideal for small series
  • Production in Germany
  • Chocolate moulds made of PET-G
  • Individual packaging
  • Fast delivery
We produce chocolate moulds according to your ideas

We produce chocolate moulds according to your ideas

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