Mould and product development

At “Meine Formen”, we stand for customised solutions in the development and production of chocolate moulds, silicone moulds for concrete, soap, butter, ice cream and industrial applications. Our dedicated team offers you a comprehensive service, starting with detailed advice through to the production of your individual moulds.

The way to your own moulds

  1. Conversation and advice: Every project begins with a personal conversation in which we discuss your requirements and ideas in detail.
  2. Digital first draft: Based on the requirements discussed, we create a digital first draft of your new mould. We take both aesthetic and technical aspects into account in order to achieve an optimal result.
  3. Imagination and adaptation: Once the design has been completed, we will present it to you. We take the time to listen to your feedback and are available to make any adjustments to ensure the shape meets your expectations.
  4. Production of a sample: Once the design is finalized, we produce a sample of your shape. This is to check the quality and functionality to ensure that everything meets your requirements.
  5. Approval: After your sample approval, we go into production. The first step is to create the tool that will then be used to produce the actual moulds.
  6. Production of the ordered moulds: Using the latest technology and a high level of craftsmanship, we produce your individual moulds with the highest quality and precision.

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