Instructions for making your chocolate mould

So that we can convert your motif into chocolate moulds of the highest quality, we need your artwork as a black and white line drawing in digital form as vector data (EPS/PDF format) or optionally also in min. 300dpi (print quality). Please note that the white “places” of your template are later raised and the black places are even. If you do not have the template in a suitable quality or in digital form, we will be happy to create or adapt the data at an extra charge.

In order for your motif to be ideal on your forms, we recommend a minimum font size of approx. 3-4mm (8-10 points) and a minimum line thickness of 0.3mm.

Please note that our chocolate moulds are goods that are produced individually for the respective order according to customer specifications and wishes. This individually produced product is therefore excluded from the exchange or right of withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed or would you like further information? Then of course we are also available for you by telephone or e-mail.

What do you need to make an individual chocolate mould?

For the production of chocolate moulds, a template in black and white of your logo or motif in min. 300 dpi (print quality) is required.

What material are the moulds made of?

All our moulds are made of PET-G.

Can the moulds be used several times?

Yes, the moulds can be used several times.

In which process are the moulds produced?

Since our moulds are specially designed for small series (already from one mould), they are produced using deep-drawing technology. We do not offer an injection moulding process for our customers due to the usually small mould quantities and the associated high cost structure.

Is there a possibility to test the quality of the moulds before placing an order?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore we will gladly send you a test form free of charge. Simply contact us.

What is the maximum size for a motif?

Depending on the production, we can produce a motif with a maximum size of 16x16x30cm. Larger motives are possible on request.

How many motifs are possible per mould?

This depends on the size of your motive.

Is there a minimum quantity?

No, we already produce from a mould.

How long does the delivery take?

The delivery time depends on the quantity and the special requests. As a rule, however, the delivery time is a few days from receipt of order or release of your order. However, depending on our capacities and the place of delivery, we can shorten the delivery time at an extra charge.

What are the costs?

The cost of your personal shapes depends on several variables such as: the number of shapes and the difficulty of the motif. We will be happy to make you an offer tailored to your needs.

Where  you can deliver?

We deliver worldwide.