Chocolate mould ideas

How Chocolatière Caro wins new corporate customers

Chocolatiére Caro gewinnt neue Firmenkunden

Chocolatière Caro wants to win new customers and expand its business. Until now, her buyers have been mainly private individuals. Caro is now looking for corporate customers who can place larger orders.

The clever Chocolatière already has a plan: almost all companies need small gifts for customers from time to time. This is where Caro sees her chance: she wants to offer companies sweet chocolate giveaways – in the form of individual logos and motifs.

Schokolade fürs Firmenjubiläum & Firmenevent

Your first contact is Thomas. He runs a large car dealership. Next year his company will celebrate its 50th anniversary. This is to be celebrated. Caro is just in time for him with personalised chocolate bars. She also has a great idea for the motif: she offers Thomas to cast car keys out of chocolate. Thomas is thrilled. This is the perfect chocolate surprise.

Schokoladenform ganz individuellCaro delivers 500 chocolate car keys on time. The special feature: the logo of the Thomas car dealership is on the keys. The customers are tempted by the sweet gift. A creative and charming promotional gift!

Schokoladenform aus jeder VorlageA chocolate mould according to the customer’s wishes

Oh yes: Where did Caro actually get the chocolate mould for the individually crafted chocolate car keys from? Quite simply: she had the chocolate mould made by “Meine Formen”. The logo of the car dealership was sufficient as a template. A few working days after her order, the moulds were already ready: individually, in small quantities and still at a good price.

Do like Caro and talk to us about your chocolate mould!